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I want to welcome everyone to Minesiege. I am extremely excited that the server is ready for release, but especially to witness the beginning of a large community. Minesiege is packed with a host of features to provide endless gameplay. We are really excited to see new faces around the server; Above all, I am ready to see the server to its full potential.

Minesiege is a server in the heavenly prison; in essence, it is a mix of skyblock and prison. Your goal is to rank and become free, but since this is not a regular prison server. To rank up you need to fill out 5 requests:

Rankup Requirements:
- Money - Like the regular prison, you need a certain amount of money to rank up to the next rank.
- Level - Remember....SkyPrison; Well, to rank up your cell(island) must be a certain level. Keep your island upgraded.
- Blocks Broken - As you mine the blocks you break will be counted, you need a set amount per rank up. Try /blockrewards in-game.
- Mob Kill - Each rank up will require you to kill a certain mob 500 times. Do this at /grinder, or mob farms in your cell (premade mob grinders are sold on /schemshop)
- Might - What is might? You get might by completing quests. Click the quests NPCs to see available quests.

Be sure to keep up with the leaderboards! Monthly leads will be rewarded. Each leaderboard category will have a set of rewards take a look below:

Monthly Leaderboard Rewards:
- Most Blocks Broken - $25000 + 500 Tokens + Blocky Pickaxe
- Most Quests Completed - $15000 + 250 Tokens + Lucky Pick
- Most Villager Kills - 5 Villager Spawners + 500 Tokens + x1 Soul Bringer (Diamond Sword)
- Most Might Earned - x2 Sell Boosters + 250 Tokens + x1 Heroic Axe

- Most Player Kills - $35000 + 100 Tokens + Killer PvP Set

First Look:

- Rankup Requirements:


- Quests NPC's:


- Help Menu:


- Enchant Menu:


Building a community has always been a passion reading your posts, comments, and seeing everything grow is in a way therapeutic. With that being said, I want Minesiege to be very communal, what do I mean by that? I want your voice to be heard when it comes to features and ideas. In return, I want a strong and healthy community.

Kind regards,
Sam A.
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